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Sonic 4 Episode 2

The Sonic platformer is a great game for kids. Bright, colorful, story-driven and interesting – it’s all about Sonic 4 Episode 2. Gather your friends, go through the whole test and defeat the evil Eggman! You can download Sonic 4 Episode 2 from the link on our website.

About the game

The studio that developed and published the project was Sonic Team (Sega). The number of downloads on Android for Sonic 4 Episode 2 is more than ten million and continues to grow (data taken from the Play Market). The average rating is 4.4 stars out of 5. In positive responses, players note pleasant controls, a variety of levels and a beautiful level design. In the negative – advertising and game bugs.

The game exists in only one version – in English. Localization, as well as the Russian language, no. However, the interface is simple and easy to understand. There is a fan mod (hack) where everything is unlocked and all locations are available. The version is trial. You can download the hacked game Sonic 4 Episode 2 from the link below the article.


Episode 2 is a logical continuation of the first part. All characters remain the same. The changes affected mostly the plot and some mechanics. The main gameplay has not changed – as before, this is a classic platformer that migrated to mobile devices straight from Sega and Dandy. Download the hacked game Sonic 4 Episode 2 download below the link, APK file is available, without ads and viruses.

As mentioned above, the main character – Sonic – needs to complete the level, collect rewards if possible and not fall into traps. Eggman’s henchmen are present at the levels – robots (called “badniks”). They must either be lured into a trap and neutralized, or destroyed – these villains simply will not allow you to go through the location. Download Sonic 4 Episode 2 for free, we recommend using our link.

In addition, there are red rings in the locations, which must be collected to complete the game and receive a special prize and achievement. Many rings are in such a position that you have to be smart to get them. For all the rewards you get, you can get the corresponding achievement and unique skins. There are five play areas in total. The game gives ten minutes to complete each of them. If you do it faster, you can get bonus points. In the event of the death of the main character, it is necessary to replay the act from the beginning or from the respawn point. Download the latest version of Sonic 4 Episode 2 and get a welcome bonus for installing.

Sonic knows how to use all sorts of skills – jumping, double jumping and flying (with the help of Tails) and special moves – a jerk kick, a jump kick, a slide. This will allow you to quickly and efficiently move around the location, fight Eggman’s robots and collect valuable rewards.


According to the story, Dr. Eggman once again brought Little Planet closer to the world of Sonic and his friends. At this facility, the villain builds his hideout and creates robots to capture. Metal Sonic goes over to Eggman’s side. To protect his world, the main character calls his friends – Tails the fox and Knuckles the echidna. Only they can stop the invader. Download Sonic 4 Episode 2 on Android and help him put things in order in his world.

Video review


The game turned out to be of very high quality, beautiful, and most importantly – worthy. Despite the simple graphics, fans of the series appreciated it. We recommend downloading the full version of Sonic 4 Episode 2 and immersing yourself in the game completely. Happy passing.

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Download Sonic 4 Episode 2 for free on Android

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