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Welcome to the classic zombie shooter in the best traditions of the genre – Zombies in the Fog 2, which you can download for Android! The mobile game will allow you to participate in spectacular first-person shootouts right on your smartphone. An exciting storyline, an abundance of weapons, the possibility of pumping, a variety of modes – all this you will find in Into the Dead 2.


A development studio called PikPok is located in New Zealand. The second part was released on an updated graphics engine and is a logical continuation of the first. Many icons have been reworked, mechanics have been optimized, and new types of weapons have been added.

The official release on Android and iOS took place in May 2017. On the Nintendo Switch, the game was released a little later – in June. At the moment, the number of downloads for Android users is about 10 million, for Apple devices – 7 million downloads. The game officially has support for theEnglish language. 


The storyline of the game echoes similar projects about zombies. The main character’s name is James. Driving down a country road in an old pickup truck, he loses control and overturns. James is the father of the family, who is looking for reunion with his family (daughter and sister), for which he needs to go through a difficult path of survival in the post-apocalyptic world. The developers have focused on the dramatic side of the development of the relationship of the characters.


The project is a first-person rail shooter with a set of standard methods of interaction through the touch screen of a smartphone. There is a button for shooting, running / walking, a button for an alternative type of weapon (grenades), a first aid kit. The plot narrative is divided into 7 chapters, which include 60 missions.

In the main menu there is a panel for creating / selecting weapons. You can create new types of weapons after obtaining the appropriate drawings and resources. It is possible to improve things by purchasing body kits (sights, compensators, enlarged magazines, etc.).

Before each mission, you must select the amount of equipment: cartridges, first aid kits, grenades. A certain amount of energy is spent on passing, which is replenished naturally or by watching ads from partners. There is an in-game currency for buying exclusives and consumables in the store. There is a default weapon – a knife; if you run out of ammo, you will not give up your life just like that.

There are several modes – story, survival and daily tasks. There is also an unofficial addition from fans with a cheat menu hack (endless money and ammo).

In addition, you can take a companion on a trip – a dog. It will help you deal with hordes of attacking undead, but it requires a unique resource – animal food. 

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The project definitely deserves your attention. Gloomy atmosphere, sophisticated mechanics, a variety of modes will not let you get bored. For five years of existence, the game has acquired two additions. The first is about the Vietnam War, the second is about a new unique companion. You can download Into the Dead 2 free hacked version for Android on our website.

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