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Honkai Impact 3

Honkai Impact 3 is a game from the Chinese developer Mihoyo. It is a sub-project of the studio of the same name that published Genshin Impact. Honkai is made in the sci-fi genre and is a classic RPG with slasher and shoot ’em up elements. You can download Honkai Impact 3 from the link on our website.

About the game

The developer (and publisher) is the Asian studio Mihoyo Limited. The studio has been creating RPG projects since 2010, however, it gained worldwide popularity only a few years ago. The number of downloads of Honkai Impact 3 for Android is more than ten million (according to Play Market data). The average rating in the user rating is 4 stars out of 5. In positive feedback, players note the possibility of character customization, the regularity of events and the fullness of the world. In the negative – the greed of gacha mechanics, the need for daily grind and the absence of the English language.

As mentioned earlier, the game does not have localization. There is no English language, there are voiceovers only in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English. However, this interface does not interfere with the perception, some concepts are easy to google or they can be understood from the context. 

An interesting fact – the release of Genshin pulled out the popularity of the senior project of developers, the game began to fall into some thematic collections of popular resources about games.


The gameplay begins with setting up your squad. First of all, you need to assemble a team of three Valkyries (characters). Each hero has a unique class, attack type and characteristics. The player can switch between them at any convenient time, gaining control. Attacks of different heroes can and should be combined, causing additional damage due to reactions. Download Honkai Impact 3 from our link and assemble your squad of Valkyries! Each Valkyrie has: a primary attack, a falling attack, a primary active ability, a secondary active ability, an active dodge, various passive skills (general, class, unique). Abilities can be improved with special resources and in-game currency. 

Main game modes:

  • solo mode, which involves completing story quests;
  • a dungeon where passing a mini-quest will bring useful loot;
  • multiplayer mode of joint collection of resources;
  • passing seasonal quests to get a rating (with leaderboards).

There is a “dormitory” – a location where all the heroes available to you live. This space can be customized, furnished, customized to your liking. Also from here is available a panel for selecting all heroes, where you can change their skins.

The economy of the game is based on the notorious gacha mechanics. This is an advanced loot box system, where the player needs to get key elements (resources) and spend them in a seasonal event trying to get unique items and heroes. 

Infinite abilities are not provided in the game. However, you can get free sp to increase your damage multiplier and defense as part of the event.


Each of the heroes can be equipped with one of the weapons: pistol, katana, two-handed sword, cross, combat gloves, scythe, spear, bow or chakram. They can be obtained from events, gacha, completing daily tasks, created by collecting fragments. Subsequently, weapons can be improved with special consumables. Download Honkai Impact 3 latest version from the link on our website and get a welcome bonus upon registration.


Here it is called “stigmata”. There are only three slots (cells) for their installation – top, middle and bottom. Stigmata are combined into sets. A set bonus can be activated by using two or more stigmata of the same set (rarely, type).

Video review


The game is an RPG in the spirit of Korean and Japanese MMOs with gacha for weapons and characters. Against the background of a younger brother, Honkai looks like a game for more advanced gamers and anime lovers. You can download Honkai Impact 3 for free from the link on our website. We have an APK version without viruses and ads.

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Download Honkai Impact 3 for free on Android

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