Geometry Dash Download & Review

Geometry Dash is a fun platform runner for Android smartphones set in a 2D world. You have to “run through” 20 levels in the form of a small square (version of you), which, in the course of the development of the action, will change and become either a submarine, or an airplane, or a spaceship. The game provides you with 9 different locations, which can change several times during one level. You can download Geometry Dash here.

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Game description

All levels of the game are quite colorful. Their colors, depending on the location that the square passes through, change from cold (such as green or blue) to juicy warm (for example, red and orange). The dynamics of the game (your running) is perfectly combined with the color content of the game and its musical accompaniment. Music, in addition to being very beautiful (by the way, you can safely download it if you like it), sets a peculiar pace of the level, which you should stick to if you do not want to lose instantly.

Each level has its own difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard, Harder. The difficulty of the game affects the running speed of your character and the features of the level. During the game, you will have to face (we hope that only in a figurative, and not in the literal sense) a variety of obstacles.

The most common obstacle is, of course, the walls. They are waiting for you at every corner, so you need to be very careful and prudent, and also have time to jump in time. If you are not afraid of walls, then there are also such dangerous ways of your “marathon” as platforms: you will have to jump from one to another, and under you there will be only emptiness. If you do not have time to press the button in time for the character to make a jump, or incorrectly calculate its length, then the level will have to start over.

Complex curves of locations, as well as “opponents”, such as balls with spikes, are also dangerous.

Download version

The latest version of Geometry Dash features a large variety of moving objects, and the developers have added fifty new achievements to it, the receipt of which will add interest to the game.

The full version of the Android game contains twenty colorful levels and numerous rewards that you can get for completing them, but the hacked Geometry Dash without viruses will allow you not only to pass each of the available ones, but also create your own levels, placing obstacles the way you want. Also, the hack allows the user to independently color his character in each level.

You can download Geometry Dash full version for free here.

Download Geometry Dash for free on Android

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