Critical Strike Download & Review

Critical Strike Download & Review

The Android game called Critical Strike: Counter Terrorist is a dynamic shooter with multiplayer, which is based on one of the most popular games of all time, Counter Strike. As in the popular computer game, here you have to split into two teams and destroy each other with firearms. The one with the highest gaming skill will win, so get ready for a real fight. You can download hack Critical Strike: CS for Android for free. Moreover, the full version is available on our website, and even in Russian.

Game description

If you like shooters, we recommend downloading Critical Strike for Android right now. In this amazing game, the user has access to a huge variety of weapons with which you can kill your enemies. Buy yourself some kind of automaton and go to the battlefield to lead your team to victory. At the very beginning of the round, all players are divided into two teams. Some are assigned the role of terrorists, while others are representatives of law enforcement agencies. Of course, they fight each other and are eager to physically eliminate their sworn enemies.

Depending on the chosen side, the command center will be different, as well as the list of available weapons. The player has access to a wide variety of cards. But you need to know the locations well and correctly use their features in order to use the advantage in this or that situation and gain superiority over your opponent. So in Critical Strike: CS you have to apply not only combat skills and reaction, but also think carefully about the tactics of the battle, because this is the key to success. The most important thing is to outwit your enemy in order to drive him into a trap or force him to expose himself to fire.

An important feature of Critical Strike: CS is that here you can fight both with real players in multiplayer mode and train in battles against artificial intelligence. Download the latest version of Critical Strike and then you can feel the tension even in the game against bots, because they are far from the most stupid here. However, if you have found worthy opponents, then the game against real users will in any case be much more difficult and interesting. In addition, only in real combat can you hone your skills and learn some new tricks to benefit from them in the future.

  • Android version: 4.1 or later;
  • Age restrictions: 16+;
  • Russian language: yes;
  • Cache installation required.

Game features

If you downloaded Critical Strike for free and started playing as terrorists, then you have two options to defeat your rivals. You can just kill all the players on the enemy team, or you can try to plant a bomb on the destination instead. As for the special forces, these players can also win in two ways. The first is the same as that of the terrorists, but the second will force all the people taken hostage to be moved to their base. So the same tactics will not have to be applied in every game. We need to adapt to the current conditions and make quick decisions about how best to proceed.

Another reason to download hack Critical Strike is a very simple and affordable control that even a beginner can easily master. An on-screen joystick is used to move the character around the map, and swipes allow you to aim from the current weapon. In addition, there will be several action buttons on the screen, including changing weapons, fire and reload. Fortunately, all the elements are quite clear and will not be something new for fans of shooters. Moreover, this is practically a clone of CS, with which almost everyone is certainly familiar.

The game distinguished itself from its competitors with high-quality graphics and excellent sound. Immerse yourself headlong into the world of confrontation between special forces and terrorists and become a direct participant in it. Contributes to this immersion in the game is just a characteristic drawing, as well as a huge arsenal, which consists of thirty different positions of weapons. All this can be used effectively to destroy your opponents, so pick up what suits you best and start a firefight.

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Video review

Hacked Critical Strike: CS

If you want to play the mobile analogue of the popular Counter Strike video game, then you just need to download Critical Strike: CS hack. These are very similar games, albeit with some of their own characteristics. Also on our site you can download the hacked game Critical Strike: CS without viruses, which will greatly facilitate the passage. On our website, you can download the hacked Critical Strike in a convenient apk file format for quick and easy installation on a mobile phone.

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