9 tips to quickly charge your smartphone

If you spend a lot of time with your phone, you may know how difficult it can be to wait for it to charge, especially if you’re in a hurry. Waiting for it to charge slowly can be really tiring and frustrating. But is there anything you can do to make your iPhone or Android phone charge quickly even if it doesn’t support fast charging? Well, here are some simple tips to charge your phone faster with or without fast charging.

Over the years, smartphone manufacturers have rapidly improved charging speeds. Many phones these days use lightning fast 40W, 65W and even 120W charging technologies to charge them in minutes.

However, most phones still offer mediocre charging speeds and it takes a long time to fully charge the battery. Luckily, you can charge these phones faster than usual with simple tips and tricks.

1. Turn off your phone

One of the most effective ways to charge your iPhone or Android phone faster is to turn it off while charging. This is because your phone is actively consuming power when it is turned on, which slows down the charging speed.

When you turn off your phone, it uses less power and therefore charges faster than usual. You can skip calls and notifications, but that’s in exchange for a faster full charge.

2. Put your phone into airplane mode

Can’t turn off your phone? Don’t worry, just put it into airplane mode. This will disable the wireless connection and other connectivity functions, which will reduce the active load on the phone. Using airplane mode will dramatically increase the charging speed of your phone.

Again, this will prevent you from receiving calls, messages, and notifications. So keep that in mind.

3. Purchase a compatible fast charger

Does your phone support fast charging? If so, you should consider purchasing a fast charger supported by your device (if you don’t already have one).

So, check if your phone supports fast charging or not – you can see it on the packaging or in the specs on the manufacturer’s website.

IPhone users can quickly charge iPhone 8 and newer models. You can buy either an official Apple Fast Charger or one that supports 18W USB Power Delivery.

4. Fast charging cable

Besides a fast charger, it’s also important to have a compatible fast charging cable. Otherwise, you will not be able to benefit from it. Most fast charging technologies use high power, which will only work if the cable supports it.

If your phone uses proprietary charging technology, it will work best with the original cable. For example, OnePlus Warp Charge works with original Warp cable or VOOC Realme / Oppo cable. Likewise, Huawei’s SuperCharge only supports the official cable.

5. Avoid wireless charging

Wireless charging is relatively slow compared to wired charging, unless your phone and charger support 30W, 40W, or 50W wireless charging speeds. Plus, wireless charging is less efficient. So it’s always better to use wired chargers than slow wireless charging.

6. Use the AC adapter of the charger

You can charge your phone from multiple sources – from the USB on your computer, a wireless charger, a portable battery, or an AC adapter. However, it is always recommended to use the AC adapter for charging.

Most batteries currently charge at 10W, while the USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports charge devices at 2.5W and 4.5W. Therefore, for faster charging of the smartphone, it is better to use the AC adapter of the charger.

7. Turn on power saving mode and disable unnecessary functions

Most phones have a built-in low power or power saving mode. If your phone has it, consider turning it on while your phone is charging. Power saving mode restricts background processes and connection functions, which reduces consumption while increasing charging speed.

Likewise, you can turn off unwanted features like Bluetooth, GPS location, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi hotspot, mobile data, and NFC to speed up charging even more. Do not use your phone while it is charging – this will drastically slow down charging and also heat the device.

8. Disable Optimized Charging

Your phone may have a feature like Optimized Charging or Smart Charging. Optimized Charging aims to keep your battery healthy by intelligently managing and scheduling charging based on your usage.

Therefore, your Android or iPhone takes too long to charge after a certain level or at a certain time. While this is good for the battery, you can disable this feature whenever you want to quickly charge your phone.

9. Avoid high temperatures

High temperatures are harmful to batteries. Overheating can damage the battery and shorten its life. So, when the phone starts to heat up, it automatically tries to slow down the charging process in order to bring the temperature back to the optimal level.

This is why most fast charging phones charge more slowly when hot. So try to keep your phone at the ideal temperature so it can charge faster. Remove the case from the device and store it in a well-ventilated place while charging.


These were some tips on how you can charge your iPhone or Android phone faster than usual with or without fast charging. I personally use these tips on a daily basis to get my phone charged as quickly as possible. If you know any other ways to charge your smartphone faster, please write about it in the comments.

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