5 must-have settings for your new WiFi router

wifi router

When buying a new WiFi router, most users leave all the default settings and do not use the capabilities of their devices. CNET gives us five tips for important settings that we should definitely change on our new wifi router.

Change username and password your new WiFi router

To do this, we need to enter the router settings menu. Usually, the first time you enter the settings, you will be advised to change the network name and password to access the router’s menus. Come up with a strong password that combines letters, numbers, and symbols.

Select Security Mode on your new WiFi router

This is one of the required settings. The more reliable we choose the security mode, the better. At the moment, the most popular and secure are WPA and WPA2. Many routers offer a combined mode – WPA and WPA2 at the same time. The good thing about this mode is that it allows older devices to connect easily. But if we don’t have old devices, then we can safely choose only WPA2, which is more secure.

new WiFi router
new WiFi router

Select network mode and frequency

Most routers offer 5GHz and 2.4GHz frequencies. The second frequency is older, but more popular in electronics, and is used by microwaves, cordless home phones, and more. 2.4GHz is good for older devices but has more interference. 5 GHz is faster for newer devices, but with less bandwidth. Some routers offer parallel operation with both frequencies, choosing which is more suitable for each device.

Turn on Content Management

Some routers allow you to filter traffic for any device. This feature can restrict children’s access to certain sites and applications. Other routers offer active hours. Thus, in the evening and at night, access to certain or all sites can be suspended.

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Creating a guest network

Creating a guest network is a convenient and easy way to make your friends access the Internet without having to go through all your personal files and devices connected to the network. Some routers offer this option, it creates a second network with a password (maybe no password, but it is better to have one) that is communicated to guests.

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