What is an ultralight mouse and what is it for?

Ultralight mice are relatively new computer peripherals, but they are gaining traction quickly. So what exactly qualifies as an ultralight mouse, why do you need one, and are there any disadvantages to this type of device?

What is an ultralight mouse?

An ultralight mouse is a computer mouse that has shed as much extra weight as possible. There is no official definition of what kind of mouse is super light. However, many classify any mouse that weighs less than 80g as ultralight.

Also, some mice are significantly lighter, and it is not uncommon for ultra-light optical mice to weigh 50 grams or less.

One of the most common design tricks for ultralight mice is to use a body with holes. By cutting holes in the outer shell, the weight can be reduced without compromising the integrity of the mouse. However, this is not the only method used by manufacturers.

Some super-light mice do not use a hole-poured case. Instead, they are very small. These mice may not include as many features as their heavier counterparts, such as shortcut buttons and additional scroll wheels. Many ultralight mice are wired because the battery can add unwanted weight, but wireless products also exist.

Ultralight mice typically use a very flexible and lightweight cable that does not slow down mouse movement. Cables are usually made of low friction material for ease of movement. A good ultralight mouse should have a wireless feel, whether it’s cabled to your computer or not.

It can take a while to get used to an ultralight mouse. But after a short period of adaptation, such mice will seem completely ordinary. Many users have reported that the accuracy of the mouse improves after tuning, which brings us to the question of what the ultralight mouse can be used for.

What is an ultralight mouse for?

Ultralight mice are designed for gamers who find their existing devices too heavy. It all started with 3D-printed mods and cases for existing mice and ended with companies like Finalmouse and Glorious that make specialized peripherals.

Popular online shooters will probably benefit most from the ultralight mouse. Shooters like Counter-Strike and Valorant require quick reactions, and an ultralight mouse can help with that. These mice can give you the edge in any competitive shooter that requires quick reactions (including games like Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends, and Fortnite).

With an ultra-lightweight mouse, you can move your hand a little faster, resulting in faster on-screen responses. You may also find that the super-lightweight mouse is less tiring during long gaming sessions.

While the target audience is fans of competitive online shooters, the ultralight mouse remains the mouse in the end. Some users like the lightweight feel and use their ultralight devices for everything from strategy games to office tasks and photo editing.

Are there any downsides to an ultralight mouse?

In the world of computer peripherals, there is a tendency to determine build quality by weight, so ultralight mice can seem a little “cheap” even if you’re spending a lot of money. Fortunately, there are many quality ultra-light devices that will last you for years.

The perforated body design tends to let in a lot of dust, but you can fight this from time to time with a jet of compressed air. It goes without saying that if you suffer from trypophobia, it is best to avoid the hole design.

As with any peripheral, personal preference is also important. Some users simply won’t like the ultralight feeling, even if it gives an edge to their favorite online games. If you rarely play competitive shooters, you might be better off with a different gaming mouse with additional features.

If you use a computer all day, your money may be better spent on an ergonomic mouse that focuses on comfort and wrist ailment prevention rather than improving reaction times in first-person shooters. If you have money to spare, consider getting both.

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