Who is the best wireless headphone manufacturer in the world?

Apple made a big splash in the industry with the premiere of the AirPods wireless headset. The popularity of this product has led many companies to introduce their competitors.

Most wireless headsets are similar in design, but don’t deliver the same quality as AirPods. This is why Apple continues to be the global leader in this niche, as shown by research by Strategy Analytics.

The latest research report confirms that Apple dominates this segment. AirPods made a total of 58.7 million wireless headset sales in 2019, according to specific information.

In practice, this means that every second model purchased in the industry was made by Apple, since the company’s share is 54.4%. At the same time, AirPods accounted for 71% of all revenue during the year, according to gsmarena.

The second largest manufacturer is Xiaomi, which accounts for 8.5% thanks to 9.1 million shipments in 2019. Thus, the Chinese company managed to get ahead of Samsung, which is in third place with a share of 6.9%.

The company generated 7.4 million sales of Galaxy Buds products last year. The Analytics strategy is also projected towards the end of 2024. With more than $ 100 billion in wireless headset sales, every company is striving to conquer this market.

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