The 10 best Linux distros for 2021

The speed at which the Linux market is growing at the moment is staggering, and we’re always happy to see what the communities have to offer. In this article, let’s talk about the 10 best Linux distributions you shouldn’t miss in 2021.

1. Ubuntu

No one can deny that Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distributions around. Its simplicity makes it a great distribution for newbies. The latest version of Ubuntu also made gaming possible on Linux.

The default desktop environment, GNOME, offers a wide variety of customization options. The community as a whole is always available to you if you need help.

2. Pop! _OS

I am using Pop! _OS as a daily operating system and I really like it. Although this distro is based on Ubuntu, Pop_OS looks a lot less cluttered than Ubuntu.

Pop! _OS is one of the best Linux distributions for gaming and everyday use. So, if you are someone who wants the best, this is probably the distro you should go for.

3. Linux Mint

If you’re on Windows, Linux Mint is a great distro to try as it resembles Microsoft’s system in many ways. It is an Ubuntu-based distribution with a Windows XP-like user interface.

It should be noted that this distribution is fairly easy to get used to. Users can choose from three desktop environments: Cinnamon, Xfce and MATE, among which I prefer Cinnamon for its clean look. Linux Mint Xfce is one of the fastest Linux distributions I’ve tried.

4. Solus

I mentioned Solus earlier in my article “The 4 Best Linux Distributions for Newbies That Are Not Ubuntu Based, ” and I still can’t forget its striking looks.

Learning about the eopkg package manager can be a daunting task, but it certainly doesn’t take long to get used to. Solus comes in four flavors: Budgie, MATE, GNOME, and Plasma. Solus also supports a wide range of version control systems, editors and programming languages, making it one of the best Linux distributions for developers.

5. Manjaro

What scares newbies the most about Arch is the installation process, but Manjaro is different. It is an Arch-based distribution designed for beginners with a less complicated installation procedure.

Everything from the user interface to built-in apps is ideal for beginners. It comes with a variety of desktop environments like KDE Plasma, GNOME and XFCE, making it one of the best Arch-based Linux distributions to try in 2021.

6. Kubuntu

Kubuntu was the first Linux distribution I have ever tried. I was blown away by the customization options that KDE Plasma has to offer.

Based on Ubuntu, Kubuntu is a great beginner distro and one of the best Linux distros to try in 2021.

7. Elementary OS

Who doesn’t want their regular laptop to look like a Macbook? While not possible, the open source community is there to help you make your dreams come true.

Elementary OS is an Ubuntu-based distribution with a macOS-like user interface. By far Elementary OS is one of the best distros I’ve come across. Also Elementary OS is one of the best Linux distros for laptops.

8. Endeavor OS

Endeavor OS is a terminal-oriented Linux distribution that doesn’t offer a graphical user interface out of the box. The developers have created an installer that will allow you to easily install your favorite desktop environment.

This is another Linux distribution for newbies who are too afraid to install Arch because it is too complex.

9. Feren OS

Feren OS – this distribution is more suitable for users who decide to switch from Windows to Linux.

Like Kubuntu, it is also an Ubuntu-based distribution that uses the KDE Plasma desktop environment. The look and feel of the OS makes it one of the best visually appealing distros on this list.

10. Parrot OS

If security and privacy are all you care about, Parrot OS is worth a try. It provides protection and sandboxing options to ensure that everything is under control.

It is a Debian based distribution that can even run on outdated hardware. In addition, it also has a fairly large community that can help you understand and learn Linux. Users can choose from two desktop environments: KDE and MATE.

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