Phones that cost a fortune: check out these three models

Modern mobile phones are undoubtedly very convenient in every way. By now, we do almost everything with smartphones: you can quickly navigate any type of website or web platform, send and receive email, check current bank accounts and send bank transfers in seconds, scan and archive documents, interact with all types of social media, not to mention high quality cameras.

But in order to understand the evolution of the things we have, we must never forget where it all began. We will show you what the first cell phones were, which laid the foundation for telephony, and also tell you how much a rare mobile phone can be sold for.

Motorola DynaTac 8000X the first portable mobile phone ever

The DynaTac 8000X belongs to the Motorola family and was the first portable phone in history. It was 1984, and the one who possessed this phone, in the eyes of those around him, could seem like a Martian who came from a distant galaxy.

This phone, if in good condition, sells for around 2,000 euros. But collectors are ready to buy it for a large amount if it comes with original components and documentation.

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Nokia Mobira Senator

The Mobira Senator is part of the Nokia family, and for many it is the first cell phone ever released in 1982. But it is not completely portable, at least it is not independent as it requires a device weighing about 10 kg.

It is really difficult to find it, especially in excellent condition, but whoever finds it should know that collectors are willing to pay a good amount for this phone. The auction prices start at a thousand euros, but as mentioned above, if the device is in excellent condition, the price can rise significantly.

Apple iPhone 2G

The first iPhone, introduced just 12 years ago, on January 9, 2007 by Steve Jobs, at a conference in California, sold for 1,000 euros.

As already mentioned, the cost of a given mobile phone depends on the condition of the device, the availability of original components and packaging. If all of this is of excellent quality, then you can sell it for a hefty sum. There are collectors willing to shell out over three, four or even five thousand euros for an iPhone 2G.

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