Coronavirus can now be tested on a smartphone

The spread of the coronavirus continues to pose many challenges. There are already infected people outside of China, further exacerbating this problem. Experts from all over the world are experimenting with developing a vaccine to stop the coronavirus, but so far they have had only partial success.

A team of American scientists from the University of Cincinnati boasted that they have created a smartphone test that can determine if a person is infected with the coronavirus. This is possible with an additional mount that attaches to the bottom of the device.

Thus, it is possible to perform saliva or blood sample analysis on the go with this invention detecting pathogens such as AIDS, malaria and coronavirus.

The whole process is automated and will save you a lot of time that you can spend visiting a medical facility to check if you are infected with a virus. In order to take advantage of the new technology, your smartphone must be running Android 4.2.2 or higher.

The add-on application allows you to manage the analysis and view the results in real time on the screen of your mobile device. The next step for scientists is to increase the number of diseases the device can recognize and commercialize the technology.

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