5 reasons why you shouldn’t disable Microsoft Defender in Windows 10

Gone are the days when Microsoft Defender (formerly Windows Defender) was a weak security shield for Windows computers. Currently, the Windows security suite comes with many regular updates and significant features that allow users to save money on third-party antivirus products.

We’ll take an objective look at why you shouldn’t disable Microsoft Defender and why you really shouldn’t install a third-party antivirus application.

1. No third-party installation and zero cost

Money plays a vital role for many computer users, so it’s worth considering that Microsoft Defender is completely free antivirus. Beyond that, another significant benefit of using Microsoft Defender on Windows 10 is that you don’t have to go through a lengthy setup process. Since Microsoft Defender comes preinstalled, no additional installation is required.

2. Faster scanning and performance

Previously, Windows Defender took a long time to complete a scan, even if you had a small USB drive or partition. However, over time, things have changed and improved.

In real life testing, scanning a 32GB USB drive containing over 15GB of data took about 2.5 minutes. In those 2.5 minutes, it scanned a lot of files, including some software, documents, etc. Previously, in Windows 7, scanning took over 7 minutes.

If you have a third-party antivirus installed on your computer, it may slow down your data transfer speed. There is only one reason – it scans files before transferring them to another disk or computer. Although Microsoft Defender has made some improvements to this issue, it still hasn’t been 100% resolved.

3. Protection against ransomware

Currently, ransomware like WannaCry is making more noise than regular malware. As a victim, you won’t be able to access your files unless you pay the ransom money to the attacker. Microsoft Defender comes with a feature called Controlled Folder Access. If you enable this feature, you can block all applications from accessing a specific folder of your choice. After that, you can store important files in this folder.

Typically, ransomware locks the entire drive and prevents the user from gaining access to it in any way. In this case, you can set OneDrive as a backup or restore option. Just like how Google Drive backs up your Android mobile data, you can use OneDrive to protect your important documents, pictures, and other files. All of these options are included in the Virus and threat protection section.

4. Parental Control

Most third-party anti-malware tools do not offer parental controls in the basic version. You can find parental controls in your antivirus, but there is a lot more you need to do to take advantage of these features. This is not the case with Microsoft Defender as parental controls are free and already included with this tool.

However, you must link all accounts and devices to your family group to start using this option. Parental Control offers the following features:

  • You can control the content your children watch online. You can block or allow individual websites.
  • Do not let children look at the monitor for long periods of time as this will strain the eyes.
  • You can access your child’s online activity report.
  • You can choose to allow or prevent your children from purchasing any product from the Microsoft Store.

You can find more features in third-party antivirus software, but these features should be sufficient for most users.

5. Updates

Regardless of which antivirus you use, timely and regular updates are critical as they make your antivirus more resistant to new threats. If you are using Microsoft Defender, you have nothing to worry about. Microsoft often offers updates to help you protect yourself from the latest malware or fix security flaws.


Microsoft Defender includes other security features that you’ll discover as soon as you start using it on your Windows 10 computer. As you can see, you should not install third-party antivirus software as Microsoft Defender has many useful features and does an excellent job.

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